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Emergency Planning Division

Our expert Emergency Planning Division executes and manages the most challenging international air rescue and air evacuations worldwide.

We also offer a unique Hurricane Evacuation Program designed to assist individuals, corporations, and governments with the removal of personnel in regions threatened by hurricanes. It is the only integrated corporate air evacuation service today.

Our experience has shown just how an immediate, carefully-coordinated response is essential to ensure the safety of your personnel. Over the years, Air Partner has been involved in numerous air rescue and air evacuation missions including:

  • Aiding countries vulnerable to political violence or unrest
  • Relief following natural disasters, such as hurricanes and earthquakes
  • Dealing with the threat of pandemics
  • Reaching remote locations with unfamiliar facilities and procedures

Our air evacuation experts can provide you with 24/7 support, expertise, and an unrivalled global supply network.

  • Contingency planning Contingency planning

    Air Partner’s expert contingency planning is regularly carried out for countries which may face political unrest, violence, or natural issues such as earthquakes, tsunami or pandemics.

  • International rescue International rescue

    Air Partner has safely and efficiently evacuated tens of thousands of people from locations affected by war, security issues and natural disaster. We are experienced in international rescue.

  • Air ambulance Air ambulance

    Air Partner has been the first and most trusted provider of air ambulance flights both day and night since 1979.

  • Humanitarian aid Humanitarian aid

    Air Partner’s unrivalled air charter experience, advanced technical support and vast global reach have made us the natural first-responder for disaster relief and humanitarian aid all over the world.

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