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We help you put on a spectacular show without making a song and dance about it.

When the show simply must go on (and when is the case otherwise?) you’ll be relieved that Air Partner is working hard backstage for you.

You’ll have the reassurance of your own dedicated Air Partner account manager on call, day or night.

Our 24/7 operations team, international network and roster of trusted suppliers can sort out every little thing – because we know they all make a big difference to you (and your clients).

When it comes to entertainment, 
we take things very seriously  indeed.



like the music and entertainment air charter business.

One of our earliest charter flights, back in 1964, was taking Katharine Hepburn to France for lunch.

Since then we have been specialists in the particular (and often peculiar) challenges of working for the entertainment industries.

We know exactly what’s required by film crews, rock bands, orchestras, and even the odd magician. We are adept at managing the tightest of schedules and smoothing the way for the most demanding of artistes.

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Our dedicated account managers are on call for you 24/7, right around the globe. And rest assured, they are as unflappable as they are dependable.

As they say – there’s no people like Air Partner people.

Put us to the test. Set us a challenge by clicking below. We’ll show you what we can do for show business.

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aircraft charter

Press tours, crew travel, musicians all your supporting flights taken care of, efficiently. 

Private jets

Complex riders? Last minute schedule changes? Absolute discretion? All in a day's work for our private jet team.

Cargo logistics

Staging equipment, rigging and lighting, instruments and camera equipment, or maybe just the performer's elaborate wardrobe. We're ready to get your stuff moving